Unique designs? Per-Fix® comes to the rescue for a flawless finish.

An office furniture manufacturer had many unique designs which made it a challenge to mold plastic parts without cosmetic flaws such as knit lines, flow lines, and gloss imperfections. They came to Chem-Pak® for help in correcting cosmetic flaws.


• Due to part design requirements, plastic parts had significant flaws creating a scrap rate of +20%
• Many parts could not even be acceptably produced
• Customer is located on the west coast and combined with high demand it created challenging shipping


• Customer tried a sample kit of Per-Fix® 7205AA
• Per-Fix® repaired flaws driving down scrap rate to 6% on average
• Our dedicated customer service team worked to ensure shipments were timely and at the most economical costs


Customer is able to produce parts on time with low scrap rates

Per-Fix® Clear

A transparent coating to repair light to medium imperfections

Gloss Levels

3.0 ± 0.3 Double Matte

Compatible Surfaces