Automotive Interior Plastic Trim Repair

To comply with environmental aerosol standards, we can provide PerFix® bulk solutions for your manufacturing needs. Here is how:

A tier 1 automotive supplier came to Chem-Pak® upon realizing they needed flaw repair coatings in order to meet OEM quality standards but could not get parts produced without our Per-Fix® 8205 flaw repair coatings for ABS plastic.


• Customer had been using Per-Fix® 8205 aerosol for two years
• Specific local environmental regulations in the manufacturer’s areas required a switch from aerosol
• Customer did not have experience with other application processes, regulations, or solutions


• Provided customer with a bulk solution that would meet regulatory requirements of their local area
• Our regulatory and technical departments provided guidance to ensure regulatory compliance was met
• Provided guidance with proper spray booth setup and equipment
• Tested, verified, and recommended appropriate bulk sprayer
• Provided customer with bulk samples for their internal testing
• Provided on-site and over-the-phone sprayer training and setup assistance to optimally work with our product


• Customer successfully transitioned from aerosol to bulk product and is in regulatory compliance
• Transition completed with zero interruption

Clear Water Droplet

Per-Fix® Clear

A transparent coating to repair light to medium imperfections

Gloss Levels

3.0 ± 0.3 Double Matte

Compatible Surfaces