Automotive Soft IP Flaw Repair

The perfect match for a smooth manufacturing process. Our Color Match technology seamlessly repairs flaws without disrupting production.

An automotive OEM manufacturer needed to replace their current flaw repair solution due to regulatory issues. They could not produce parts without repairing part flaws, interrupting the manufacturing plant’s production demands. Chem-Pak® helped them to develop three colors to match soft IP for dashboards.


• Customer needed a domestic-compliant flaw repair coating to replace existing product
• Customer had specific physical performance requirements with spray pattern and tip
• Flaw repair coating needed to match the exact color and gloss of a specific soft polypropylene substrate


• Lab performed color analysis
• Conducted side by side performance testing to current product in order to make necessary adjustments
• Provided samples for customer’s internal testing and approval
• Regulatory department provided necessary information to guide customer
• Developed a customized formulation to meet customer requirements


Developed a custom Color Match Flaw Repair Coating that met the customer’s spray requirements while exactly matching the color and gloss of the part

rainbow drop

Per-Fix® Color Match

A color coating custom designed to match gloss and color, for repairing light to medium imperfections.

Gloss Levels

1.5 ± 0.3 Triple Matte

Compatible Surfaces