Electronic Plastics Flaw Repair

To keep electronics in perfect condition the protection has to be flawless.

A consumer electronics accessory manufacturer was consistently having difficulty producing products without flaws or imperfections. They came to Chem-Pak® to resolve this issue.


• Customer was having significant injection mold issues which created flaws on product
• Needed to meet retail inventory demands and quality
• Customer needed a temporary flaw repair solution to meet production demands while molds were being repaired


• Provided customer with off the shelf Per-Fix® 6405AAA bulk pails and aerosol product
• Expedited air shipments to help customer keep production running
• Provided a cost-effective solution to fix problems


Customer was able to meet production demands

Clear Water Droplet

Per-Fix® Clear

A transparent coating to repair light to medium imperfections

Gloss Levels

1.5 ± 0.3 Triple Matte

Compatible Surfaces