Chem-Pak Recalls Guitar String Lubricant Due to Risk of Skin Irritation

Finger Ease

Name of Product: Finger-Ease Guitar String Lubricant (Product #220B)

Hazard: The recalled guitar string lubricant contains a contaminant which can pose a risk of skin irritation.

Units Affected: Lot code 106824.  The lot code can be found on the bottom of the can, on the top line.

REGISTRATION NOTE:  To complete this registration, you will need access to the recalled product container and a permanent marker to mark the bottom of the can with your initials and the date. You will also need to take and upload a photograph to register.  

You may find it easier to complete this registration on your phone or another mobile device. This webpage is mobile-friendly. If you need assistance, please see our FAQs about assistance from our team.

How is Chem-Pak making this right?  

Chem-Pak is offering you a free replacement can of Finger-Ease for consumers (and a free second can as a token of our goodwill) after registration is successfully completed. There is no charge for handling and shipping of the replacement.

We strongly encourage you to participate and contact us to obtain a free replacement.

Please immediately stop using your Finger-Ease. Keep the unit until you have successfully followed the instructions for registering for the recall, at which you may dispose of the product in a sealed garbage bag and set it out with your curbside trash in accordance with state and local law.

Register for the free replacement can of Finger-Ease.

Product Recall Registration

  • To register for this recall, you must take the following steps.

    • You may either upload a copy of your proof of purchase using the button above. (You may be able to access your proof of purchase in an online purchase history.); or
    • You may mark your Finger-Ease can in permanent marker with the following information:
      • Write the following on the bottom of each container:
        • Write your initials and the date on the bottom of the can where the production lot code number is printed. Make sure we can still read the production lot code number after you write on it.
          • (If you have multiple units, you will also need to add a number on each unit sequentially 1, 2, 3, etc. If you are requesting a recall for a single unit, you may disregard this step.)
        • You will need to take a photograph of the above and prepare to transmit it to us.
      • Take a photo of the bottom of the can showing the production lot code number on the bottom of the can, your initials, and the date you initialed the product.
    • Upload the photo(s) to the website above
      • You may upload multiple files
    • We are pleased to provide you with an additional complimentary replacement can with your registered replacement.
      • All replacement cans are available free of charge and free shipping and handling is included.
  • Drop files here or
    Accepted file types: jpg, gif, png, jpeg, heic, Max. file size: 15 MB, Max. files: 10.

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