OEM Automotive Color Match Spray

Sometimes you have to do the best you can with what you have to meet a deadline. Use Color Match to repair flaws and keep your operation moving.

An automobile manufacturer had three months to complete a mandatory OEM dashboard recall. The recall transition was one month ahead of schedule, and although we assisted with providing paint ahead of schedule, they had to use existing injection molds which created part flaws. ChemPak® used Color Match Flaw Repair coatings to repair these cosmetic flaws.


• Customer could not meet recall deadline with flawed parts
• Customer was running 15-hour days to meet demand


• Chem-Pak® lab performed color analysis to custom design flaw repair coating to exactly match the color and gloss of the part
• Developed four custom colors in three weeks (50% of normal development lead time)


• OEM was able to produce quality part
• OEM production line continued to operate with no shutdown, saving customer thousands of dollars per hour

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Per-Fix® Color Match

A color coating custom designed to match gloss and color, for repairing light to medium imperfections.

Gloss Levels

1.5 ± 0.3 Triple Matte

Compatible Surfaces