Specialty Coatings & Packaging Services

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Contract Aerosol & Liquid Packaging

We make it easy for you to formulate, test and package your unique products. Our facility is equipped to meet specs, on time and budget.

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Specialty Coatings

Repair solutions for a flawless, like-new appearance. All can be applied in an easy three-step process so that in less than 60 seconds, perfection is restored.

Specialty Coatings & Packaging Services

At your service with contract manufacturing and specialty coatings, Chem-Pak can make sure you look flawless so you can focus on the bottom line. Our proven service is beyond compare, helping you get your products on the shelf on time and within your budget. Work with a team of chemists to formulate a product from the beginning, or meet regulatory standards with updates to an existing product.

Contract manufacturing includes the following services: chemical formulation, and production, aerosol production and packaging, and liquid products. We have a strict quality assurance program, with batching for process controls, regulatory assistance for helping you meet guidelines, and many processes that guarantee a quality product. With contract manufacturing, we make it easy for you to formulate, test and package your unique products.

Our plastic flaw repair coatings can save you time and money by preventing parts from going to the scrap pile. What used to be unsalvageable can be restored to a flawless condition with a 30-second spray application. Our Color Match technology can be used to help you find the perfect match four your product color and material.