Whether you need an existing product modified, a competitive product matched or a brand-new product formulated, our staff of chemists and dedicated project managers are up to the task.

As an established leader in the industry, we continue to improve our privately-owned lab and modern facility through reinvesting in our IT, infrastructure, equipment, and state-of-the-art fire and safety fitments. This allows our expert staff to support your needs with our acclaimed, best-selling proprietary line of specialty automotive and industrial coatings.


  • 1966: Company Founded

    Chem-Pak® was founded by
    George P. Duane in Winchester, VA.

  • 1970s: Industrial Products

    Chem-Pak® developed a comprehensive line of high-performance industrial products to support the needs of manufacturing operations to maintain their equipment.

  • 1990s: Aerosol & Liquid Products

    Chem-Pak® expanded operations into the custom and contract packaging arena, offering formulation, packaging, and manufacturing services in both aerosol and liquid products.

  • 1968: New Development

    Utilizing his physics background in formulation, George developed the original Finger Ease guitar string lubricant, a favorite among many musicians.

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    1984: Patented Product Per-Fix® Developed

    Chem-Pak® developed and patented Per-Fix®, a clear coating system for Polypropylene plastic parts which easily and permanently repairs molding blemishes. Through the success of this product and market demand for Per-Fix® on other plastic composites, Chem-Pak® developed seven additional formulations consisting of 50 SKUs to meet the demands of injection molders.

  • 1999: Fire Consumes Company

    Chem-Pak® experienced a major fire, which destroyed the primary manufacturing facility. Despite this setback, Chem-Pak® was able to lay the groundwork and implement a long-term plan to construct a modern, state-of-the-art, manufacturing facility.

  • 1966: Chem-Pak founded

  • 1968: Original Finger Ease guitar string lubricant formula developed

  • 1970s: Introduced line of industrial products for manufacturers

  • 1984: Patented Per-Fix® product developed

  • 1990s: Expanded services to include formulation, packaging and manufacturing of aerosol and liquid products

  • 1999: Fire consumes company

  • 2001: State-of-the-art Rebuild

    Chem-Pak’s new 40,000 sq. ft. manufacturing facility opened in nearby Martinsburg, WV, beginning the next chapter in Chem-Pak’s future. The modern facility added manufacturing capabilities for liquids and aerosol, an expanded laboratory, and new automated equipment providing customers with unsurpassed quality and service.

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    2005: Chem-pak® Expansion

    Chem-Pak® expanded its aerosol and liquid custom packaging services, providing our contract customers with a full turn-key operation.

  • 2015: Safety Precautions & Company Culture

    To secure the future, Chem-Pak® also invested heavily in additional hazard and safety equipment, implementing training throughout and across the facility.

  • 2005: Toyota Partnership

    Chem-Pak® partnered with Toyota Manufacturing to develop and supply their facilities with a custom color matched version of Per-Fix® Clear. This request generated the development of Chem-Pak’s full line of Per-Fix® Color Match Flaw Repair Coatings.

  • 2015: Lab Expansion

    Chem-Pak’s lab was expanded and updated incorporating state-of-the-art formulary and testing equipment, providing our customers with unsurpassed formulary capabilities.

  • 2001: Chem-Pak rebuilds a state-of-the-art facility

  • 2005: Toyota partnership led to development of Color Match Per-Fix® Flaw Repair Coatings

  • 2005: Chem-Pak expands aerosol and liquid packaging services

  • 2015: Lab expanded and updated with latest formulary and testing equipment

  • 2015: Investment in safety and hazard equipment, creating a culture of precaution and safety company-wide