Per-Fix® Color Match™ Flaw Repair

Chem-Pak’s Color Match™ coating is custom designed to specifically match your injection molded part color and gloss level, offering you a permanent flaw repair solution. To achieve a perfect color match to your part, our in-house lab performs a full-color analysis to determine the exact color and gloss level. Once we have identified a match, a prototype custom coating is developed and tested to ensure proper adhesion, color, and gloss levels for your part.

Per-Fix® Color Match™ Product Offerings

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Per-Fix® Color Match

Custom designed coating to seamlessly and permanently repair plastic part flaws and reduce scrap rates. Reach out to us for custom solutions.

4 Easy Steps to create your Custom Color

1. Contact Chem-Pak® to ensure Color Match™ is right for your part.

2. Send in a sample part for lab analysis

3. You will receive a prototype sample to trial and approve

4. Once approved, this custom product can be manufactured in as little as 4 weeks.

Compatible Surfaces 

Styrene/ Polycarbonate

Product Application

In less than 60 seconds you can permanently repair flawed areas to their intended perfect condition. After receiving your Color Match, Per-Fix® Clear, or Per-Fix® Black, the application is completed in three easy steps:

Shake the Can

Clear the Valve

Spray the Surface