With over 20,000 faulty cans in a year – we reformulated the product to solve the problem.

Dentist Aerosol Quality Fix

A client focused on highly specialized dental fitting indicator sprays came to Chem-Pak®, upon realizing they had used several contract fillers over the years who struggled with exacting filling requirements necessary with this product. The process had lost control to such an extent the client began to experience intermittent can stoppage. It deteriorated to the degree of total lot failures (i.e., cans rejected and valve stoppage) of 20,000+ cans over the course of a years time. This severe quality control issue with their then supplier initiated the beginning of our relationship. 


• Transitioned through 2-3 fillers to troubleshoot and work to correct the issue
• Additional formula by past suppliers worsened the issues and led to total failure of thousands of cans
• Customer was on the verge of total product collapse in the market
• No sellable product in stock needed
• Needed a quick determination of true root cause
• Needed a fast track plan to modify the formula and solve the failure


• Lab worked intensively with the customer over the course of three weeks to perform a root cause analysis:
– Full raw materials analysis – confirmed root cause
– Sourced new materials to address root cause issue while retaining the key performance attributes of the formula to continue to meet customer’s needs

• Developed operational procedures to ensure quality
– Manufacturing capability to provide accurate liquid filling of key ingredients to accuracy of + 0.2 gram

• Intensive and thorough live testing of product testing over short time period
– Within one month of starting the project, Chem-Pak® was positioned to produce the first pilot run based on the changes to the formulation.
– Pilot run was tested by Chem-Pak®, the customer, and by the customer’s clients in the field, which verified the successful changes.


• Provided customer a full production solution within eight weeks of initial contact
• Customer was able to meet client orders
• Reentered and reestablished their business since moving the business to Chem-Pak®