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Hunting Product Solutions

With a fast-growing product line in a fast-growing market, this client was experiencing numerous quality and delivery issues with their existing contracted filler. They came to ChemPak® to address and resolve quality and delivery issues, while getting the expertise needed to aggressively develop new products that could be introduced in the market seamlessly.


• Maximizing their growth potential without expensive buybacks:

– Manufacturing flexibility
– Volume requirements
– Delivery commitments
– Formulations and troubleshooting expertise

• Experiencing performance issues related to proper spray function


• Root cause analysis was performed and product formulations were modified to eliminate spray issues

• A new custom valve was sourced to improve customer performance requirement

• Chem-Pak® initiated an intensive customer support program to address the coordination challenges of the complex production flexibility and on time delivery


• Increased sales volume by 85% (700K cans in 2009, 1.3M cans by 2015)

• Expanded product offering to include a variety of packaging options based on customer requirements:

– Various can sizes
– Various packaging arrangements including POP displays
– Customized caps
– Tamper proofing products with low-cost method to address a Walmart concern

• Supported customer business in transitioning the account to a full turnkey manufacturing arrangement to streamline processing for customer