Improve performance and meet regulations with no hiccups.

Automotive Plastic Repair

70 SKUs required a comprehensive reformulation to meet current VOC/MIR regulatory compliances, while simultaneously formulating major performance improvements of their product line. This client came to Chem-Pak® in 2017 for help in meeting these requirements and improving their formula.


• 40% of formulations were out of 2017 regulatory compliances
• Without reformulation, the customer would be unable to continue selling products in 2017
• Products required passing compliance while meeting increased performance targets


• Total product reformulation
• Intensive performance testing to meet critical performance parameters
• Coordination with the customer to align testing requirements:

– Regulatory Guidance
– Precise categorization to meet regulatory requirements
– Strict formulation guidelines
– Accurate calculations using proprietary VOC/MIR software to ensure compliances and eliminate customer liability concerns
– Internal expertise provided for accurate compliance guidance on product labels and GHS compliant SDS (MSDS)


• 100% regulatory compliance for all products
• Performance maintained or improved
• Project management that allowed customer to continue selling product without sales interruption