New regulations to meet? Reformulate, test and have your products ready to go before the deadline.

Aerosol Automotive Lubricants

This client needed ChemPak® to help them develop a line of 12 critical aerosol products reformulated due to imminent regulatory changes. 


The primary chemical used in the customer’s aerosol products was being discontinued due to regulatory changes. Their existing aerosol packager was unable to reformulate the 12 products in the line without losing the required product performance and application quality. 


Chem-Pak’s technical team evaluated numerous replacement options and with a creative combination of a new solvent system in tandem with a specialty propellant, the product line was upgraded to performance standards matching the original formula across all products.

A new custom valve and actuator spray tip were sourced improving application performance.


The customer was able to meet the new regulation prior to the deadline without any loss in business.