4 Ways Injection Molding Flaws Can Impact Your Business

injection molding flaw repair

In the plastics molding business, it’s unrealistic to think you will get perfect parts off the line 100 percent of the time.

However, frequently having flawed parts that need to be remade shouldn’t be a standard part of your business, either.

Here are 4 ways injection molding flaws can negatively impact your business:

Costs You Time

Producing plastic injection molding parts is a time investment, even if everything goes completely to plan.

When your parts roll off the line with flaws, however, you have to invest even more time in producing that single product run.

Parts have to be remade, causing your employees to spend twice the amount of valuable working hours on producing the same amount of items. And, if your flaws are the result of something with machinery that needs to be fixed or adjusted, you have to take those machines out of service for the amount of time it takes to adjust and test them to ensure they’re in proper working order.

Costs You Money

Re-running a production line is expensive.

You have to pay twice for the materials to create the plastic parts, meaning your raw materials costs increase. And, depending on the condition of the parts and material you used in the first run, you may have to pay for disposal of the flawed parts.

Your machines also are running twice as often to produce the same amount of pieces, increasing your maintenance costs.

Workers have to work twice as hard, too. Depending on the demand for your production runs, this could lead to overtime pay for your employees and even more frequent turnover for workers who may get burnt out by the scheduling demands.

Costs You Business Opportunities

The more efficient your production lines are, the more production runs you can produce.

If you’re having to re-run production lines frequently, that leaves less time in your schedule for adding clients and production runs.

Being unable to add new business means your business, at best, stays stagnant. Adding new clients means you can grow and expand your business, giving you the money necessary to hire more employees, buy new equipment, and offer raises to your employees.

Costs Your Business Reputation

You want your business to be known in the industry for your efficiency and high-quality products. Frequently producing runs that have flaws can erode your good reputation quickly.

If your production calendars fall behind, you make promises you can’t keep to clients, or you have to turn away business because of frequent re-runs, you may find that your reputation in the industry has been diminished.

Spray Coatings for Injection Mold Flaws

At Chem-Pak, it’s our goal to help make your injection molding business run just a little more smoothly. Our line of high-quality spray coatings can fix a variety of injection molding flaws, giving you a functional part without having to remake it. We also offer custom formulation of spray and liquid coatings to meet your unique needs. Contact us for a quote!