If your business requires an outside packaging company to provide you with custom liquid packaging services that meet your exact performance specifications, Chem-Pak is an ideal packaging partner for you to consider.

Whether you need a run of 3,000 units or 25,000, Chem-Pak has the capability to meet your requirements every single time.

Our facility houses several liquid filling lines capable of handling a wide range of products and sizes. 

From flammable to water-based formulations, we have the experience and equipment to handle even your most unique liquid filling needs.

At Chem-Pak, we aim to always provide you with the highest-quality liquid products, backed by our 50+ years of industry knowledge and experience. 

When you choose Chem-Pak for your liquid filling services, you get:

Customer-Focused Service

We want you to get exactly what you’re looking for, each and every time.

From shorter production runs to large runs, we talk in-depth with each customer to ensure we understand how to give you the results you deserve and demand.

We maintain an extensive records database on all projects, ensuring quality, safety, and consistency. Everything meets or exceeds all applicable industry standards, ensuring your complete satisfaction.

Regulatory Guidance

All chemical products are now highly regulated across multiple federal and state agencies that include EPA, OSHA, and other Federal & State agencies.  Laws regulate toxicity such as California’s ultra-strict Prop 65 regulations, VOC clean air regulations, multiple states, like NY, NJ, and many other states that follow California’s strict guidelines and laws. Compliance regulations cover labeling, MSDS, Global labeling & SDS.  

  • Labeling compliance guidance
  • WERCs registration guidance
  • NSF certification assistance
  • VOC & MIR compliance
  • DOT shipping classification and carton labeling assistance
  • Prop 65

Companies now need a packaging partner who can provide them with the regulatory expertise necessary to keep marketers of chemical products, whether solvent or water based formulations, in full compliance to prevent accidental breaches of regulatory law and the fines levied for out of compliance products manufactured by unprofessional packaging companies.

Quality Control

You deserve a consistent, in-spec product every time you use our services.

To help us achieve this goal, we maintain and follow strict quality control protocols and keep careful records on every liquid or aerosol filling project we complete. That way, every order whether monthly, quarterly, or yearly performs in an identical fashion that both you and your customers can rely on with every order.

Continuous Improvement

At Chem-Pak, we aren’t satisfied to sit back and rest, doing the same thing day in and day out.

Instead, we’re always evaluating our processes and equipment, looking for ways to manufacture your product more efficiently to keep costs low so you can remain profitable. You get the same quality and knowledge that brought you to Chem-Pak in the first place, but also benefit from our internal improvements whether they are quality or efficiency related.

Cutting-Edge Technology

Sometimes, what worked last year just isn’t going to cut it anymore.

To give you the best products on the market, we utilize cutting-edge technology and constantly improving formulation skill to ensure we continue to make improvements that support our customers ongoing needs.

Quality Liquid Contract Filling Services

No matter the size of your liquid filling needs, Chem-Pak works closely with you to craft the right solution for your project. 

Our team of experienced, knowledgeable professionals can ensure you get the highest-quality, safest liquid fill project possible, each and every time. Contact us today to get your project started!