3 Ways Chem-Pak Can Help Your Office Furniture Manufacturing Business

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Your office furniture manufacturing business relies on a careful balance of function and aesthetics.

All your equipment must be visually appealing and in top functioning condition. Your employees must be well-trained and you must use high-quality raw materials in combination with excellent manufacturing processes.

If any of these factors are out of balance, you can be left with flawed final products and unhappy customers that force you to re-run expensive parts, eating into your time and profits.

With Chem-Pak’s specialty coatings, you can fix plastic injection molding flaws, providing your business with these 3 benefits:

Decrease Costs

Having to re-run a set of office chairs because of a cosmetic material flaw in the arm, for example, is frustrating and costly.

You pay twice for the materials necessary to make the product. While the additional costs may seem negligible and can be easily overlooked on an individual basis or on one extra production run, they add up quickly if you have to frequently re-run products due to flaws.

Extra production runs also mean you’re paying your employees twice to make essentially the same amount of product. This shrinks your profit margins and can force you to pay for overtime in order to get everything done.

Being able to repair injection molding flaws with Chem-Pak’s specialty coatings means you save time and money because they eliminate the need to always rerun production lines.

Increase Profits

Not only can Chem-Pak’s specialty plastics coatings save you money in lost raw material and time, it can increase your overall profits.

If you’re not having to frequently re-run production lines, you can manufacture more new product in the same amount of time. While you may have spent a day creating 5,000 pieces due to re-runs, you could instead run 10,000 pieces in that same day by using injection molding flaw coatings.

This can greatly improve your factory’s profitability and profit margins, making growth faster and easier.

Decrease Waste

What happens to all those pieces that were too flawed to sell? Do they just go in the dumpster?

When you have to scrap a portion or even an entire production run, you’re throwing a lot of product and dollars away. This causes incredible raw material waste, eroding your business’s sustainability.

Being able to salvage flawed products means you don’t have to use twice the raw materials to make the same product. This makes your business more environmentally friendly while also decreasing overall costs.

Specialty Coatings for Injection Molding Flaws in Office Furniture

Keeping your office furniture manufacturing business efficient and profitable is essential to your long-term health as a company. With Chem-Pak’s specialty coatings, you can fix many injection molding flaws for increased productivity and profitability on your manufacturing floor, improving your business. Find your solution today!