5 Ways Chem-Pak Can Improve Your Business’s Bottom Line

molding flaw repair coatings

Running your manufacturing business is expensive. You have to pay for equipment upkeep, your floor space, employee salaries, raw materials … The list feels never-ending.

While some amount of loss is expected on your production floor, constantly discarding and remanufacturing parts doesn’t have to be one of those expenses. Rather than constantly adjusting your machinery and processes, hoping for a slight improvement in your results, there is a better way.

At Chem-Pak, we’ve created a product line of specialty spray coatings to fix cosmetic injection molding flaws, helping to maximize part output and ensure perfect parts and on-time deliveries to your valuable customers across major resin types.

Here are 5 ways Chem-Pak’s line of specialty coatings can improve your business’s bottom line:

Save Money

If the run of a particular plastic piece rolls off the line with a critical cosmetic flaw, you now have a choice versus the old alternative which was to simply throw away the whole lot. 

This costs you not only the lost product, but also the lost time for your employees, lost time that could be spent creating other products, and lost energy usage from running your machinery a second time.

Rather than having to toss that plastic car part with cold flow or jetting, using Chem-Pak’s spray coatings can fix any imperfections that may be present, giving you a complete, sellable part in just seconds. You save the cost of the raw materials for two runs of the same piece, making room for manufacturing other parts that can make your business more money.

Reduce Machine Wear & Tear

The more your machinery is used, the sooner it will require maintenance and repair, or a worst case scenario, a machine breakdown.

If you’re having to re-run production lines multiple times a week or even multiple times a day, that’s extra wear on your machines, making them more vulnerable.

Not only are repairs and machinery replacements expensive from a money output standpoint, they also cost you revenue that’s lost during down time.

Being able to repair the defect with a spray coating instead of discarding or remaking the part means your machines are producing more while running less often, giving you more time between expensive repairs and replacements.

Produce More

This benefit is a matter of simple math: If you can produce 200 pieces in 30 minutes, but have to re-run those 200 pieces due to flaws, you’ll make more money by avoiding that second run.

Being able to salvage pieces with spray coatings that would otherwise have to be remade due to flaws means you’ll make more money in the long run by producing more sellable pieces each day.

Better Marketing

If you have a low rate of production re-runs, you can easily advertise that fact when looking for new partners and clients.

Other business owners like hearing that the people with whom they’re working are good at their work, and a low rate of unsalvageable pieces is a metric that many other business owners will understand.

By being able to tout your high rate of success, you can attract more, higher-paying clients and watch your business grow.

Save Time

Your business has a certain number of parts that need to be made each day in order to stay on top of the work you’re asked to do. Sometimes, those production numbers make things very tight in your daily scheduling.

If you have to re-run even a portion of your planned daily quota, that puts you farther behind on producing the other runs and can lead to overtime for your employees. 

Salvaging some of your flawed runs with a spray coating enables you to continue to create pieces toward your projections, decreasing stress and overtime for your employees.

Correct Injection Mold Flaws with High-Quality Spray Coatings

Injection mold flaws can cost your business a lot of time, money, and headaches. If prevention isn’t working, try the high-quality specialty spray coatings from Chem-Pak. We offer a full line of quick-apply spray coatings to cover and correct a whole host of flaws. Learn more!