4 Ways Chem-Pak Can Help Your Automotive Manufacturing Business

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Running an automotive manufacturing business brings with it lots of variables.

To produce quality automotive parts, you need to trust that a variety of factors are all in place, including that your raw materials are of good quality, your machines are running properly with all control parameters in place, your molds are well designed and in good condition, and that your employees are adequately trained to do their jobs.

On any given day, even under near optimum circumstances, problems can arise quickly and unexpectedly when one or more parameters veer off target by even a little. Then, you could be looking at a lot of wasted time, material, and money, decreasing the productivity and profitability of your business.

At Chem-Pak, it is our goal to help increase the efficiency and profitability of your automotive business by providing exceptional-quality plastics coatings to correct a range of potentially expensive injection mold flaws.

Here are 4 ways working with Chem-Pak can improve your automotive manufacturing business:

Decrease Material Waste

Completing a full production run of a part only to discover there’s a serious visual flaw that makes some or all the finished products a reject due to molding blemishes isn’t just frustrating – It’s a major loss of manufacturing time and dollars.

If you are able to salvage finished pieces by applying a specialized coating that repairs injection molding flaws, you use regain that lost raw material and production time and save the majority of costs through a simple spray and fix repair.  

Decrease Costs

Re-running production lines is expensive. Not only are you paying twice for the raw materials and machine use, but you also are paying your employees extra for the same amount of work or even overtime in worst cases.

This leads to high overhead costs and decreased productivity, both of which can be disastrous for your business’s overall bottom line.

With Per-Fix specialty plastics coatings, however, you can fix these flaws with just a small amount of extra time instead of having to entirely re-run the whole production line.

Increase Profits

If you’re moving more individual pieces off the line by saving those with minor flaws thanks to specialty coatings, your business’s profit margins go up.

You’re not only saving time and money on the production runs you’re currently handling, but you’re creating a larger bandwidth available for adding in additional product runs. This means you’re moving more pieces off your line and making more money.

Make You More Marketable

Have you ever thought of diversifying your automotive manufacturing business a little, allowing you to take on projects in other industries?

With the increased efficiency, productivity, and profitability afforded to you by a solution that takes care of minor injection molding flaws, you may be able to do just that. You can use your improved numbers to tout the hard work you and your employees do on every project, attracting new businesses and helping bullet-proof your business against financial troubles should you lose a client.

Specialty Coatings for Automotive Injection Molding Flaws

At Chem-Pak, it’s our goal to help your automotive manufacturing business become as profitable, efficient, and environmentally friendly as possible. With our specialty coatings, you can correct minor injection molding flaws that otherwise would have rendered pieces useless. Find your solution today!