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  1. Injection Mold Flaws & How to Prevent Them

    Preventing Injection Molding Contamination, Splay, Delamination

    Contamination, Splay, & Delamination As we said in our last blog post, injection molding practitioners can’t completely avoid all flaws and defects during the process. However, taking extra precautions to correct any flaws that may occur goes a long way to maintaining the profitability of your business and your integrity in the eyes of your…

  2. Injection Mold Flaws & How to Prevent Them: Flow Lines, Knit Lines, & Blush

    Automotive Interior Plastic Manufacturing

    Preventing Flow Lines, Knit Lines, & Blush Injection molding isn’t an exact science, and there is a lot that can go wrong in getting your plastic pieces ready for market. While frustrating and sometimes costly, injection molding flaws can’t be fully avoided. However, you can make small changes to your injection equipment and processes to…