March 24, 2020

To all of our Valued Customers, Distributors, Suppliers and Business Partners, I would like to give everyone an update on the manufacturing status of Chem-Pak during this difficult and challenging time period. West Virginia Governor Jim Justice issued a “stay-at-home” Executive Order in response to the outbreak and continuing spread of the COVID-19 virus on March 23, 2020.

After considering the details of this announcement and its definitions, we have determined that Chem-Pak, Inc. readily meets the eligibility requirements to remain open and fully operational as a business which supplies a wide range of products to a large cross section of industries classified as “essential infrastructure” within the United States. In compliance with this executive order, Chem-Pak will continue to manufacture specialty chemical and aerosol products as an “essential” operation. We have updated our employee, work processes, and operations in accordance with the latest CDC guidelines. We have taken the following steps to minimize direct employee contact and exposure of the COVID-19 virus within our facility as outlined below:

Transitioned all employees who can perform their work from home to remote work status for the foreseeable future

Established personal distancing by all employees who work onsite

Directing extensive hand washing practices per CDC guidelines

Conducting aggressive and consistent disinfecting practices of all employee contact work areas

Reduced meetings in quantity and employee numbers

Eliminated visitation by all outside vendors and solicitors

We will continue our adherence to CDC recommended practices, processes, protocols and work structures as guidelines are updated to do our part in limiting and controlling the spread of COVID-19 within our employee group, their families, and the community in which we all live and work. Needless to say, as circumstances change in a manner that might impact any of our valued customers, suppliers, distributors and general business partners, we will promptly update you with pertinent details. Additionally, we respectfully request that our customers and vendors update us of any significant changes that might impact your business and indirectly our business over the coming months.

If you have questions or wish to discuss this current situation in further detail, please contact us and we will assist in any way possible.


Randy Duane
President & CEO